Ballet Classes In Irvine

Whether you’re looking to take ballet classes in Irvine for yourself or for your child, our experienced and patient teachers will instruct you from start to finish.

From discipline and fun, to hands to toes, DanceLova Dance Academy will properly prepare and guide you toward your perfection of one of the most beautiful, graceful and funnest of all dance forms. Founded by former Joffrey West instructor Ivy Chen, you can rest assured that your ballet education future in Irvine is in good, patient hands.

Dance Instructor(s): Ivy Chen, Stephanie Lin, Emily Rodriguez, Madison Hanson

Teacher’s Recommendation to Parents:
For kids ages 3-5, see Pre-Dance.

Class: Ballet I (Ages 6-8)

Focus: The Ballet Basics
Ballet I is an introduction to classical ballet for children. At this level, kids ages 6 through 8 will learn the discipline of ballet, coordination, barre work, and basic ballet steps. Students will learn the basic positions of the head, arms and feet — all the fundamentals of ballet training.


Class: Ballet II (Ages 9-12)

Focus: Start Pre-Professional Ballet Training
This is offered to students ages 9 through 12, mature enough to begin pre-professional classical ballet skills, barre work and center, proper ballet stretches, as well as adagio, jumps and turns. Based on individual dance skills and bone structure, students may even begin to learn simple pointe shoe work on the barre.


Class: Ballet Beginner (Teens, 13-17)

Focus: “FastTrack” Ballet Training For Late Beginners
This ballet class for teenage beginners is designed for students ages 13 through 17 who have no prior ballet training or are just starting to learn ballet. Our “FastTrack” training is programmed to help the late beginner catch up to speed as quickly as possible. The class will help teenage students quickly build basic technique, confidence, coordination, strength and performance skills.


Class: Ballet Int/Adv (Teens, 13-17)

Focus: Mastering of Complex Jumps, Turns, Adagio, Pointe Shoe Work
For teenage students ages 13 through 17, who have already completed the Ballet II (Ages 10-12)  class, this intermediate/advanced class becomes available. At this level, teachings will focus on mastering more complex jumps and turns. More artistic movements will continue to be taught, presenting more controlled techniques related to turns, adagio and body extensions. Students will additionally learn different dance pieces from both classical ballet and contemporary ballet. This is also the level in which students will begin to practice pointe shoe work without the ballet barre.


Dance Gym Class: Adult Classical & Fitness Ballet! (Adults, Ages 18 & up)

Focus: Classical Ballet For Finesse, Fitness & Fun
Hearing the buzz about DanceLova’s Dance Gym? See Adult Dance Classes


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Is your child begging to take ballet lessons? Or perhaps you are curious to learn a few ballet moves. Ballet is fun — no matter how old you are or what goals you wish to accomplish through ballet.

DanceLova has already designed a ballet class for your age and level group. If you already know what you want, check our dance class schedule here, follow the instructions provided there, and get to our next class on time to have some fun!