DanceLova is now OPEN!

We are open! On Sep. 1, 2020, we transitioned to our all-new, DanceLova Hybrid-Freedom dance classes, offering our normal monthly or quarterly pricing plans. We are happy to announce to you that on Sep. 14, we officially flipped our door sign to OPEN. We would like say thank you to our amazing DanceLova parents, dancers, […]

Summer in Irvine

Summer Camp Registration Information

This Year’s Summer Camp Week in Irvine IRVINE, CA – We’ve had a lot of parents already begin asking us weeks ago about registration information about this year’s Summer Camp at DanceLova. Here’s the information you need… Overview of The Dance Camp Each participating dance student will be placed into different classes based on their […]

Zoom Dance Classes

LIVE! Distance Learning Classes!

We will be doing our best to keep our dance students learning and progressing at home, but we understand that distance learning classes are not the same as learning in person at the studio. Therefore, we are offering a substantial reduction in price per class for all families. We appreciate your flexibility, patience, and understanding […]

Recital Stage Makeup

Makeup Tips For Recital + Instructional Video

So it’s dance recital time — knowing how to apply stage makeup is essential for all dancers and dance parents. Without it, it is impossible to see a person’s face on stage. It is important to understand why performers of all ages need to wear stage makeup. As we all already know, no child needs […]

LA Fitness Dance Classes

LA Fitness Recommends DanceLova Classes?

Because we’re so busy teaching dance classes all day in here, sometimes things go on in the world beyond our premise’s walls which we aren’t made aware of — that is, until students and friends make us aware of them. We should definitely get out more often. They mean our Dance Gym™ classes, we guess […]