Ballet III

About This DanceLōva Class

In this grade of ballet, 11-12 year old learners work on the ballet barre, but stronger focus is placed on center work and across-the-floor. Conditioning and strengthening for pointe is developed and evaluated within this grade. Approved learners will begin their first pointe shoes training at the ballet barre.

Balance is another focus here. Students will be taught how to hold different turns and transition to a landing pose without the assistance of the barre. Moreover, they will be expected to recognize more than 60 taught ballet terminologies and connect them to movements upon only verbal instructions. This class is held every week.

For Ages: 11-12 years old
Duration: 90 minutes per lesson
Dress Code:
See dress code for this class
Here's what to wear for your DanceLova Ballet III class:

Hair: Bun
Top: Teal leotard
Bottom: Theatrical Pink tights
Shoes: Light Pink ballet shoes
Instructor's Notes:
For learners at this grade of ballet, DanceLova also recommends the ballet shoes that are made of canvas material, with either a split sole, or full sole depending on the individual learner's preference. No underwear under leotard and tights.
In Studio: YesZoom: Yes


Alina BormotovaInstructor: Alina Bormotova Try 5PM - 6:30PM
Dance TeacherInstructor: Askar Kettebetov Try 5PM - 6:30PM
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