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In accordance with the new state order issued yesterday by Governor Gavin Newsom, the dance academy’s temporary closure has been extended through April 10.


We want our customers to know that because the temporary closure will now be heading into the new month of April, we have proactively already disabled Auto-Pay on ALL student accounts. No quarterly nor monthly tuition payments will be charged to any of our customers beginning April until we reopen and customers return.

In addition, all missed classes during this time and up to March 31 will be prorated and credited toward your future tuition.

We, the entire DanceLova staff and teachers all look forward to that delightful moment when we will be able again to continue serving you — the talented and hard-working dancers, and amazing and supportive dance parents — in person, just as we have for the past 8 years.

DanceLova Distance Learning

As a temporary alternative, DanceLova Distance Learning is being designed to allow our dancers at home to continue their regular class schedule that they’re so accustomed to at DanceLova. This will be made available to our dancers at home in the coming week.

Dance class instructional videos published

In the meantime, we have published a few dance class instructional videos on our Instagram @dancelovairvine. These were put together recently at our studio so our dancers at home can follow along to keep practicing until DanceLova Distance Learning goes live.
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