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Health comes first.

Implemented the “Health comes first” initiative to take immediate proactive steps to promote health and safety of the DanceLova Dance Academy community of dancers, families, and workers.

The 7 Proactive Steps
  1. Staff and teachers are diligently wiping ballet barres, door knobs, surfaces, chairs, phones, and even machine buttons in between dance classes with disinfectant wipes.
  2. An additional “touchless” hand sanitizer dispenser station has been added to the lobby area in addition to the original “touchless” dispenser that has always been located on the wall between Studio A and B rooms.
  3. Digital posters have been turned on and displayed on multiple TV screens within our premises to remind everyone to keep following the guidelines that maintain our community’s health and safety at the highest levels.
  4. Verbal reminders to students in class to wash hands and/or use the provided hand sanitizer dispensers.
  5. Temporarily paused the supply of disposable water cups to public at the water machine station.
  6. Employing a “touchless” infrared temperature reading gun on a case-by-case basis to determine if any student should go home.
  7. Continue to employ an overnight cleaning service that further sanitizes the floors, restrooms, windows, and surfaces.

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