Dance Gym for Adults in Irvine

The students in our adult dance classes come from all over Orange County — many even make the trip from LA. An overwhelming number of adults who have become addicts of our “Dance Gym” classes have later shared their reasons why they decided to choose DanceLova in the end.

The #1 reason behind adults delaying their start in dance is that they feel like it’s too late for them. The #2 reason is that way to many adults feel intimidated by the pace of the class as a “newcomer.” They never felt that way here.

Begin to experience serious adult Ballet, Hip Hop and Jazz dance lessons in Irvine that are fun, energetic and graceful yet in a non-intimidating way…


Dance Gym Class: Adult Classical & Fitness Ballet! (Ages 18 & up)

Dance Instructed by: Ivy Chen, Stephanie Lin, Emily Rodriguez

Focus: Ballet For Finesse, Fitness & Fun
Our Classical Ballet dance classes are designed for adults ages 18 and up who want to receive classical ballet training. Not only will adult students be able to naturally shape their body through ballet, they will also learn the artistry of movement to present more controlled techniques. Pointe shoe work will additionally be introduced to those students who are interested and qualified. It’s a complete introduction and re-introduction to ballet techniques as well as a great way to have fun with the gracefulness of ballet while getting your body into shape. Perfect for those who want to start or continue training in ballet for better health, recreation, and self-achievement.

Adult Dance Classes (Orange County)


Dance Gym Class: Adult Pre-Pointe Ballet! (Ages 18 & up)

Dance Instructed by: Emily Rodriguez

Focus: Pre-Pointe For Precision, Poise & Perfection
Our new Pre-Pointe dance class provides the next level to step up to for adults who already have ample training with Ballet, and would like to experiment with preparatory training for dancing en pointe. This class focuses on further developing strength of the legs, feet and ankles. This class highly-concentrates on correct alignment and stressing Classical Ballet techniques.

Look Inside:

Dance Gym Class: Adult Hip Hop! (Ages 18 & up)

Dance Instructed by: Courtney Miller, Jr.

Focus: Hip Hop For Wickedness, Workout & Wow
Our Hip Hop class is a high-energy class, funky and fun dance class. It is designed for students of adult ages 18 and up who are looking to stay on top of the hottest dance moves in pop culture while burning some serious calories and toning their entire body. Not only will you learn to groove like a star in music video in this class, but also improves your cardiovascular health in a more enjoyable way.


Dance Gym Class: Adult Jazz & Jazz Funk! (Adults, Ages 18 & up)

Dance Instructed by: Emily Rodriguez, Kaleila Ahulani

Focus: Jazz For Freedom, Expression & Energy
Through Jazz a dancer in this class will be able to unleash their individuality and originality in the form of art on the dance floor. Adults who take this class describe it as energetic, expressive and subtly sexy. The beat of the music alone in this class will get you moving, exploding with energy and burning pounds with both isolated and full body movements. Adults taking Jazz very often also participate in our Adult Classical Ballet class to improve their grace and balance — both which are also much needed in Jazz.


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