Lyrical Dance Classes In Irvine

Lyrical Dance is the combination of Ballet, Jazz, Modern and Contemporary dance styles. Song lyrics serve as the key inspiration and driving force behind the body language conveyed by the Lyrical dancer’s moves.

Its poetic fluidity and seamless connectivity of movement is what differentiates Lyrical Dance from other dance styles. DanceLova Dance Academy will guide dance students in their journey toward technique mastery and emotional focus through its disciplined dance training to express the Lyrical body language — all while keeping it fun.

Dance Instructor: Athena Sterig, Kylie Travis

Teacher’s Recommendation to Parents:
For kids ages 3-5, see Pre-Dance.

Class: Lyrical I (Ages 6-12)

Focus: Improvisation Skills
This Lyrical I class is for students ages 6 through 12. We encourage students who have a minimum of 1 year of Ballet and/or Jazz training to enroll in this class. It is designed to help students learn how to apply their technical training to the expressive lyrics of music. Lyrical I class students will also be introduced to the skill of improvisation. Every class will involve students to practice how to instantaneously move their body to express their feelings. The goal is to build their confidence and help them reach deep into their feelings and express them through creative body language.


Class: Lyrical Beginner (Teens, 13-17)

Focus: Dance Technique and Performing Skills
The Lyrical Beginner class for teenagers is designed for students ages 13 through 17 who have had very little or no dance training. Students will learn different dance moves based on Ballet and/or Jazz dance techniques.  The paced lessons will help teens begin to develop the sense of rhythm and body coordination. Every week the students will dance to popular rock, folk, pop, or alternative songs and learn to perform the dance by combining emotion focus and technique.


Class: Lyrical Intermediate (Teens, 13-17)

Focus: Originality, Refinement of Moves, and Stage Skills
This Lyrical Intermediate class perfect for students ages between 13 and 17 with at least 2 years of dance training. Students will not only learn more advance dance tricks, but also learn how to communicate the feelings conveyed through songs’ lyrics. Students will be challenged to dance to a myriad of song genres, ultimately guiding them to control their body and muscles using different levels of strength to smoothly flow to the expressive verses within songs. The key focus will be to help the students develop their body awareness and utilize it properly for application into their dance performance.


Dance Gym Class: Adult Lyrical! (Adults, Ages 18 & up)

Focus: Lyrical For Liberation, Language & Loveliness
(This new class coming soon to Dance Gym!) See current Adult Dance Classes


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Are you or your child full of emotion and seeking to express those messages through dance in an artistic and beautiful way? Or, perhaps the natural moving of your arms and hips to your favorite tunes on the radio has become something common in your household.

At DanceLova, we’ll help foster that correctly and effectively according to your age and level. If you know what you want, see our dance class schedule here, reserve your spot and get to our next Lyrical class on time to start growing!