Hip Hop Classes In Irvine

Hip Hop dance came into the scene back in the 1970s and was first most popular among African & Latino American cultures. It’s typically danced to Hip Hop music, and can involve creative moves known as breaking, popping and locking.

Young kids have what seem to be an unlimited amount of energy. Hip Hop is a fantastic way to channel that energy into something positive, fun, and constructive. It’s also a great method of exercise, so the benefits are truly many. Classes are open to both boys and girls. Adults, see Dance Gym.

Dance Instructor(s):
Courtney Miller, Jr., Irene Ashu, Kylie Travis, Jessica Vela, Kaleila Ahulani

Teacher’s Recommendation to Parents:
For kids ages 3-5, see Pre-Hip Hop.

Class: Hip Hop I (Ages 6-8)

Focus: Hip Hop Basics
This introductory class a perfect choice for the hip hop beginner. Hip Hop I is designed to help kids ages 6 through 8 build balance, coordination, as well as a good & healthy body structure. This high-energy class offers kids a fun environment in which they are encouraged and guided to create and dance their own styles while applying the different basic hip hop movements they have learned.


Class: Hip Hop II (Ages 9-12)

Focus: Imitation, Enhanced Musicality and Performing Skills
In this faster-paced class, kids ages 9 through 12 will be lead to improve their presentation skills. Students will learn to dance along to popular hip hop performers’ styles. Dance steps and movements seen in today’s hip hop music videos will be broken down for students to provide a better understanding and enhancement of musicality. Hip Hop II offers a motivating learning environment in which students can challenge themselves to incorporate more complex dance movements. It’s a fantastic way to build self-esteem in children by providing them a way to gain a genuine sense of accomplishment.


Class: Hip Hop III Beginner/Int (Teens, 13-17)

Focus: Multi-Styles, Teamwork and Attitude
At the Hip Hop III Beginner/Int level, kids ages 13 through 17 will learn a multitude of hip hop styles. In this class, students will be trained to understand and know the differences between each style in order to adapt and apply them as a team. Encouraging students to learn to perform more complex moves as a group teaches kids the importance of teamwork, spirit and attitude. Aside from being a truly fun class, this hip hop class is also great for building kids’ needed social skills, further-developing coordination and stimulating the brain.


Class: Hip Hop III Adv (Teens, 13-17)

Focus: Advanced Techniques, Creative Expression and Self-Choreography
Teenage hip hop students ages 13 through 17 will progress toward the mastery of advanced techniques and the art of “self-choreography.” The class is mostly dedicated to unleashing the creativity within the student through their own expressive styles rather than on the individual dance steps and movements. Hip Hop IV will challenge teenagers to cultivate all the dance styles and techniques they learned, transform them, and create their own new, unique and dynamic style to ultimately evolve into a true freestyle dancer.


Dance Gym Class: Adult Hip Hop! (Adults, Ages 18 & up)

Focus: Hip Hop For Wickedness, Workout & Wow
Hearing the buzz about DanceLova’s Dance Gym? See Adult Dance Classes


Upcoming Hip Hop Dance Class: How To Register


Is your kid busting the moves to MTV hip hop music videos in front of your TV? If so, it’s time to get your talented child to some formal dance classes to harness that dance energy.

Visit our class schedule page, see the instructions provided there, and get to our upcoming class on time to start popping!