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Because we’re so busy teaching dance classes all day in here, sometimes things go on in the world beyond our premise’s walls which we aren’t made aware of — that is, until students and friends make us aware of them.

We should definitely get out more often.

They mean our Dance Gym™ classes, we guess

So when we recently first heard from a newly-registered student that LA Fitness (yes, LA Fitness) had recommended DanceLova to them for dance classes — specifically our Hip Hop dance classes for adults, our immediate reaction was, “Huh?” It happened again last week, and now again today. Why? We have no idea, really. In fact, we’re still a bit confused here, since the fitness center giant offers their own dance classes, yes? No? We don’t know, frankly. But what we do know is that it tells us that we must be doing something right.

We ain’t complaining

Now while none of this hearsay has been confirmed by us, we’re not going to call LA Fitness corporate headquarters to ask why, where and how they’re recommending our little DanceLova. After all, we simply think it’s really cool.

Our dance instructors and staff are simply thrilled as usual that we’re able to make a difference somehow in many people’s wellness and lifestyle every day. But yes… it’s nice for a tiny pebble to finally be seen by a corporate rock.

We’re flattered, truly.


For more information, see here for Dance Gym™ dance classes for adults.

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