Pre-Dance/Hip Hop: Kids’ Dance Classes In Irvine

Kids’ dance classes are probably the most joyful of all for both the children and parents. Pre-Dance and Pre-Hip Hop classes in Irvine are now available for parents looking to get their kids introduced to dance.

If your preschooler seems to be in constant motion, it’s because your child uses their body to communicate thoughts and feelings that still can’t be described through speech. It’s important at this developmental stage for your child to move their body to help them better understand concepts that are new to them — and dance nurtures this. Classes for preschoolers are open to both boys and girls.

Dance Instructor(s): Stephanie Lin, Emily Rodriguez, Jessica VelaIvy Chen

Also known as:
Preschool Dance, these introductory dance classes for kids are part of our Early Childhood Dance Program led by Stephanie Lin, and are specially-designed to familiarize young kids with the joys of movement and to explore their movement range.

Class: Pre-Dance (Ages 3-5)
Class: Pre-Hip Hop (Ages 3-5)

Focus: Introduce Preschoolers to Coordination
The lessons focus on using musical exercises that effectively build your child’s coordination, balance, flexibility and strength. Most importantly, the lessons additionally provide a great way for children ages 3 through 5 to begin to freely experiment with, as well as discover, express and develop their artistic side of the brain through specific class exercises.

Teacher’s Recommendation to Parents: Pre-Dance and Pre-Hip Hop classes are highly-recommended for kids ages 3-5 as excellent preparation for any of the following Level I dance classes:

Ballet IChinese Heritage Dance IJazz IHip Hop I & Lyrical I

Helpful Tips:
Pre-Dance students who excel quickly will be selected by teachers for recommendation to commence Pre-Ballet at the age of 5. Both classes are also perfect for toddlers of 3 years old.


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Nurture your 3-5 year-old child’s developmental process by introducing them to the basic movements of dance. These classes at DanceLova fill up extremely quickly, so check our dance class schedule here, reserve your spot — and we’ll see you soon!