Jazz I

About This DanceLōva Class

This class is a fabulous introduction to jazz dance for students ages 6 through 8. It’s designed to help the new jazz learner build the proper coordination and correct movement skills required in jazz dancing. Every month, students will learn a new dance piece that incorporates steps and movement combinations they have learned. Learners will also be guided to build their own musicality — ultimately helping them develop and express their individual style through their own basic creative movements. This class is held every week.

For Ages: 6-8 years old
Duration: 60 minutes per lesson
Dress Code:
See dress code for this class
Here's what to wear for your DanceLova Jazz I class:

Hair: Bun
Top: Sports bra
Bottom: Dance shorts
Shoes: Jazz shoes
Instructor's Notes:
Jazz shoes must fit properly and comfortably snug around your feet — no socks. See you in class soon. Have fun!
In Studio: YesZoom: Yes


Krystal MastellerInstructor: Krystal Masteller Try 4:30PM - 5:30PM
Julia RudgeInstructor: Julia Rudge Try 2PM - 3PM
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