Jazz IV

About This DanceLōva Class

Training in Jazz IV focuses on fluidity of movement, transforming complex jazz dance steps into visual arts magic. In addition to technical skills and jumps, this grade emphasizes on quality of movement. Teenage learners will also work on perfecting group synchronization skills. Lessons will also incorporate memory and focus improvement techniques, increasing the ability to memorize new dance choreography rapidly for performances. As part of Jazz IV, preparatory training for specific dance team auditions, such as ones in both middle and high schools are also included. This class is held every week.

For Ages: 13-17 years old
Duration: 60 minutes per lesson
Dress Code:
See dress code for this class
Here's what to wear for your DanceLova Jazz IV class:

Hair: Bun
Top: Sports bra
Bottom: Dance shorts
Shoes: Jazz shoes
Instructor's Notes:
Jazz shoes must fit properly and comfortably snug around your feet — no socks. See you in class soon. Have fun!
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In Studio: YesZoom: Yes


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