Answers to Common Questions

Yes, absolutely! In fact, our adult dance classes are becoming so popular that DanceLova classes have even been recommended by LA Fitness. Our dance classes for adults are simply known as Dance Gym.

No. In fact, recent studies show evidence that taking dance in addition to regular schooling leads to high grades and SAT scores. Dance lessons increase mental skill and deepen kids’ understanding of other subjects.

Learning to dance can be quite easy and fun at the same time. As with all new things, you will need to learn and practice. DanceLova dance teachers are experienced at making the learning and practice journey fun and fulfilling for all students. Our patient and friendly teachers are dedicated to properly guiding new dance students of all ages go from zero to a happy, confident and beautiful dancer.

It is important for dancers to feel as comfortable as possible as they are dancing. Wearing clothing that allows freedom of movement is highly-recommended. For some dance classes, you will be able to find the clothing items in your own closet or nearby at a local sporting goods store. For other classes, you can use DanceLova’s convenient dance uniform guide chart to easily determine what you should wear to class.
Absolutely not. DanceLova classes are deliberately capped at 10 students per session. Sometimes we’ll go over 1 or 2 students unexpectedly, but we’ll immediately begin to open an additional class and keep our promise to you. More importantly, in this manner, each student is always guaranteed to receive the individual care and attention they deserve.

It is not required for any student to learn ballet before taking on other forms of dance.

However, having at least 1 year of ballet experience is highly-recommended for all students in general. Ballet naturally prepares the dance student by providing the most fundamental skills that are used in most other dances. Ballet lessons help students learn and improve their leaps, jumps and turning and coordination skills. As an alternative, many new students decide to take ballet lessons while learning jazz, contemporary lyrical, or Chinese Dance at the same time.

No. Once reached 2 years and 8 months of age, there is no age limitation after that for learning dance. As long as you can move your body and are eager to learn dance, you qualify to join the DanceLova dance student family.

Children can start learning ballet as early as the age of 2 years and 8 months. At DanceLova, kids’ dance classes start at the Pre-Dance grade. These lessons are specially-designed to introduce and help kids learn both brain and body coordination, balance and musicality. This class introduces the basic ballet movements, posture and proper hand, arm and foot positions. Pre-Dance has shown to help strengthen children’s individual muscles as they are developing. As for ballet specifically, the ages 4-5 is the best time for kids to officially start classical ballet training.

It’s pronounced (dans-‘lō-və), and sounds like “dance-low-VAHH.” The name is a portmanteau created by combining the words ‘dance’ and the ‘lova’ from a famous ballerina’s last name.