Dance Facts

Trivia: The Real Meaning Behind ‘Lova’?

With more & more OC locals becoming DanceLova students every day, a new trend that our faculty and staff members are seeing in questions asked is often now: “So, what is the meaning behind the name, DanceLova?” Although there will always be plenty of new students who will very confidently offer the answer, “It’s just a play on the phrase,...
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The Top 7 “Less-Known” Benefits Of Ballet

When you think of ballet, you probably picture in your mind a thin, graceful and beautiful ballerina freely prancing on a dance floor leaving every person that sees her in complete awe. Accurate? Well, if that’s what you pictured, you’re exactly right. But what’s their secret? Aside from the grace, elegance and beauty of this dance form, ballet is really...
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Where Did Ballet Come From?

Contrary to popular belief, ballet didn’t always involve tutus, ballet slippers and pointe work.  In fact, there’s a huge disparity between what ballet was originally and what it is to modern audiences today. Ballet originated in the courts of the Italian Renaissance during the 15th and 16th centuries. With time it was developed further in France, Hungary, Austria and Russia as...
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