Mario Con - Executive Director & Facilitator

Mario Con

Mario Con is the Executive Director and a facilitator at DanceLova Dance Academy, Irvine. He is also leading the development of DanceLova Brands within both local communities as well as the digital space. Mario comes from a background of marketing in the Hollywood entertainment industry. Read Mario Con's full profile.

Recent Articles by Mario Con

Angel Ginn’s Video: Jazz Kids Montage

Hard work spotlights the character of individuals: some turn up their sleeves, some turn up their noses and some don’t turn up at all. It’s a fact that success in dance is the direct result of a marriage of hard work from both the student and their dance teachers. We’ll here borrow the words of legendary modern dance choreographer Martha...
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The Dance Academy Opening Red Carpet 2012

[VIDEO] The long-forgotten back alley of Orange Tree Square in the quiet town of Irvine was officially brought back to life yesterday — and with some tinsel and twinkle. Young mom of two and Woodbury resident Samantha Heaton shared, “I knew that something was about to change here… I could see that work was being done every time I drove...
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