The health and safety of our dance learners and staff is always our primary concern.​

Ivy Chen, Artistic Director @ Irvine

Our goal is to provide an optimal learning environment in our facility, which includes the highest possible level of cleanliness when we begin to transition from DanceLova Distance Learning “virtual classes only” to Hybrid-Freedom, and finally back to the new normal operations on June 15, 2021.

Updated: June 15, 2021 – Changes are highlighted below.

Clean Team

To ensure the highest level of service, our Clean Team will be hard at work implementing our Health & Safety Plan for the benefit of our learners, our valued customers, and our own fellow coworkers. Just like you, we think these are a bit inconvenient. But much more than that, we believe the measures to being taken are important, and that doing so is our responsibility to the overall community we serve.

Now that classes are able to be held onsite again, all customers, dance learners and staff in the premises will abide by the following plan.

Health & Safety Plan

Students or a member of a student’s household who are exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19 or any other contagious diseases are prohibited from attending classes or lessons in person until such time as they are symptom-free or cleared by a physician.

    1. Mask or face shield.
      All parents, dancers,  customers and staff will be required to wear a mask or face shield until CDC relaxes these protocols for indoor K-12 schools and childcare settings. Please prepare additional masks if your child is in multiple classes.
    2. Dance bag.
      Dancers will bring their dance bags and personal items directly into the studio with them. Dancer’s Lounge will be closed until further notice.
    3. Water bottle.
      Water machine will temporarily be unavailable for public use.
      June 15, 2021: Water machine station has reopened for refilling your bottle.
    4. Yoga mat.
      Dancers will bring their own yoga mat for any floor exercise.
      June 15, 2021: Updated from Required, to Optional
    5. Yoga blocks.
      Dancers who are normally required to use yoga blocks for a class, will bring their own yoga blocks.
      June 15, 2021: Updated from Required, to Optional
    1. Parents will drop their dancer(s) off at the front door of the studio, where they will undergo a daily temperature check and symptom screening administered by our staff using a touchless thermometer.
      June 15, 2021: We will no longer be doing daily temperature check and symptom screening.
    2. Only students will be allowed in the studio. No parents (except for dancers age 5 and under at this time).
      June 15, 2021: One parent or direct relative per family will be allowed in the lobby, but optional.
    3. Students must be dropped off no earlier than 5 minutes prior to their scheduled lesson or class. This is to avoid unnecessary exposure.
    4. Dancers should arrive in dance clothes, ready to go straight into the studio.
    5. If a student presents a temperature of 100.4ºF or above, they will be denied entry.
    6. Parents may not depart until their dancer is successfully admitted at their designated studio door.

A symptom screening includes: A visual inspection of the student for signs of illness. Verbal confirmation from parent or direct relative that the student does not have fever, shortness of breath, or cough.

Until further notice, no parents or visitors are allowed inside the building. The lobby and indoor observation areas are closed.
June 15, 2021: One parent or direct relative per family will be allowed in the lobby, but optional.

Touchless hand sanitizer will be readily available throughout the building, although anyone entering the facilities is encouraged to bring their own in order to guarantee access to it. Door handles and high-touch areas will continue to be cleaned often.

    1. All staff and students are required to utilize the 6-foot rule in and out of studio rooms until further notice.
      June 15, 2021: 6-foot rule is still highly encouraged, but optional.
    2. Maximum class sizes and building capacity will be determined and adjusted according to state and local requirements.
    3. All barre work will be done 6 feet apart and will be sanitized before and after use.
      June 15, 2021: 6-foot rule is still highly encouraged, but optional.
    4. The floor will be marked and partitioned into 7 x 7-foot squares to ensure the distancing of the dancers.
      June 15, 2021: Partitions will remain to continue highly encouraging some distancing when possible.
    5. If the class size is larger than the allowed limit, students may be required to alternate attending class both in person and through live online classes from home. They will interact with the teacher and students virtually while the other portion of class dances with the teacher in the studio.
      June 15, 2021: Updated from Required, to Optional
    1. Class end times will be adjusted to allow for a thorough cleaning of the space before the next class begins.
    2. The pick up location will be at the separate side door of DanceLova.
      June 15, 2021: Please use the main entrance door.
    3. Please arrive at the parking lot 10 minutes before the scheduled class end time to be ready to pick up your dancer when they exit the building.
      June 15, 2021: One parent or direct relative per family will be allowed in the lobby, but optional.

Important note

It is important to keep in mind that the rules outlined in this plan are not set in stone. This plan will remain fluid in order to adjust to changing circumstances and advice from the CDC, as well as state and federal authorities. We will make sure to continue reviewing and adapting parts of it as necessary, as we monitor the level of necessity of existing temporary rules.

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