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Dancers’ First Step In Their Journey Into Self-Confidence

A dance recital is a presentation of choreographed dance pieces for an audience. For most dance students, the recital is their start of the journey into self-confidence. Recital performers, regardless of age, are always very excited to wear their dance costumes and show off everything they’ve learned throughout the year.

Support Your Dancer!

To the dance performers, it means the world to them when the people they love, parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles and all their closest friends are in the audience to see them and support their hard work.

Event Details:

Event:THE Recital by DanceLova
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Saturday, June 3: Starts at 1:00pm
Saturday, June 3: Starts at 6:00pm
Sunday, June 4: Starts at 1:00pm
Where:IVC Performing Arts Center
Seats:You may select your seats at no additional charge, or have the system assign the best available for you. For wheelchair spaces, look for ADA.
Notes:No Amex