The DanceLova Annual Dance Recital

DanceLova Recital

It’s official.

‘THE Recital’ by DanceLova, Season 4 — A grand dance stage awaits your feet.

We’ve now entered the most exciting part of the dance school year – the dance recital season! This is the time that dance students have all been waiting for and look forward to showing off all the things they’ve worked hard to learn so well in dance class. The recital is when they can be a shining star on a real theater stage along with their dance classmates — all while building their self-confidence.

DanceLova Stage

Countdown To Showtime!

-260Days -18Hours -13Minutes -16Seconds


2017 Recital Guide

To guide you through everything, we’ve put together an easy-to-follow guide listing recital activities starting from now through the June 3 and June 4 recitals. It contains important recital information and deadline dates so please do take time to read it carefully.

First time?
If this is your very first time being involved with a DanceLova recital, you’ll find this information extra helpful…

It’s exciting, and easy-peasy!