Woodbury Village

Woodbury Village of Irvine
Woodbury is a village of Irvine in Orange County, CA that extends from Irvine Blvd to Trabuco Rd, between Jeffrey Rd and Sand Canyon Ave. Within its 636-acre area, there are an estimated 4,300 houses in Woodbury, a 30-acre gathering spot known as The Commons, 14 neighborhood parks, and miles of nature trails. The Woodbury village is also home to a 9-acre private recreational area which includes 4 tennis courts, a basketball court, a soccer field, 3 swimming pools, and a water garden. Among the popular hangouts frequented by local residents are Woodbury Town Center, Arbor Village, Orange Tree Square, and Cypress Village Shopping Center. Schools include Woodbury Elementary, Sierra Vista Middle School and Irvine High.

The Dance Academy Opening Red Carpet 2012

[VIDEO] The long-forgotten back alley of Orange Tree Square in the quiet town of Irvine was officially brought back to life yesterday — and with some tinsel and twinkle. Young mom of two and Woodbury resident Samantha Heaton shared, “I knew that something was about to change here… I could see that work was being done every time I drove...
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