Summer Camp Programs

Dance Summer Camps Irvine
Celebrate summer in Irvine with dance! Dance Summer Camps offer a fun and active way for kids and teens ages 6 & up. Every summer season DanceLova Dance Academy lines up top-notch dance teachers to be dedicated to helping children develop into a better, healthier, happier and more confident dancer and individual this summer. While lots of fun, these dance camps always highly-focus on further evolving participants in the arts by exposing them to a variety of dance styles with emphasis on dance technique.

2017: Summer Camp Registration Information

2017 Summer Camp Week in Irvine IRVINE, CA – We’ve had a lot of parents already begin asking us weeks ago about registration information about 2017’s Summer Camp at DanceLova. Here’s the information you need… Overview of The Dance Camps Each participating dance student will be placed into different classes based on their individual...
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Kids’ Summer Camps: August 2013 Registration

Looking for updated 2014’s summer information? 2013: August Summer Camp Last call to OC parents! So you have not registered your kids for a summer camp yet — well, no worries… you’re not alone. But time is definitely now running out to sign your child up for a fabulous 2013 August camp, so please hurry. Irvine Summer Camp Details: Availability:...
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