Tap Dance Classes In Irvine

In tap dance, special shoes with small metal plates are worn. What makes this form of dancing unique is that dancers create their music as they dance by rhythmically beating the soles of their shoes on hard floor.

For our tap classes, no prior dance experience is required. Both rhythm tap and Broadway tap dances are taught in our Irvine classes. The first, rhythm tap, hone in on the music aspects of tap dance. Students will also learn the second style, Broadway tap, which is more focused on the dance. Broadway tap is what you would normally see performed at a musical theater show.

Dance Instructor: Madison Hanson

Teacher’s Recommendation to Parents:
 For kids ages 3-5, see Pre-Dance.

Class: Tap I (Ages 6-9)

Focus: Tap Dance Basics
Tap I is designed for students ages 6 through 9 who want to learn how to create basic rhythm and patterns with their tap shoes. A series of tap dance steps will be taught, with speed of the combinations gradually increased according to students’ pace of learning. This class will help build the coordination as well as increase the flexibility of the legs, ankles and feet required for successful tap dancing. Every week, students will dance to different upbeat and fun tap music to work on creating clearer and more distinct tap sounds.


Class: Tap II (Ages 10-17)

Focus: More Complex, Quicker and Cleaner Taps
For students ages 10 through 17 who seek to polish up their tap dance steps and kick it up a notch, this class would be most ideal. Tap II students will learn and work on presenting more complex and faster combinations with cleaner and more crisp tap sounds. The lessons will be focused on training students to perfect their tap step, and develop the memory muscle required for it. On a weekly basis, students will be guided to apply the different skills as well as create and adapt their own individual tap styles to a variety of music genres.


Our Next Tap Dance Class: Registration Is Easy


Whether your wish is for your child to follow in the footstep of Fred Astaire or like most people, simply to learn to tap for pure fun, our classes will get you going. Class schedule information is available here. Registration is easy — just follow the instructions on that page. So take out your tap dance shoes, and remember to get to our next class on time!