Jazz Dance Classes In Irvine

Jazz Dance had always been enjoyed by both dancers and audiences for decades, but it has quickly become even more popular recently thanks to popular TV shows, music videos, and of course, Broadway.

So, has one of your favorite dance TV shows like Glee or SYTYCD sparked a fire inside of you to learn Jazz Dance? Here at DanceLova Dance Academy, we know the feeling, and we’re not surprised at all. Jazz dancing is fun, creative, amazingly self-expressive, and energetic — and we’re right here in Irvine, CA to make sure you enjoy every bit of its learning process.

Dance Instructor(s):
Athena Sterig, Irene Ashu, Emily Rodriguez, Kylie Travis, Madison Hanson, Kaleila Ahulani

Teacher’s Recommendation to Parents:
For kids ages 3-5, see Pre-Dance.

Class: Jazz I (Ages 6-8)

Focus: Fundamentals of Jazz Dance
This class is a fabulous introduction to jazz dance for students ages 6 through 8. It’s designed to help the new jazz student build the proper coordination and correct movement skills required in jazz dancing. Every month, students will learn a new dance piece that incorporates steps and movement combinations they have learned. Students will also be guided to build their own musicality — ultimately helping them develop and express their individual style through their own basic creative movements.


Class: Jazz II (Ages 9-12)

Focus: Rhythm, Dance and Performing Skills
Jazz II is designed for students ages 9 through 12 who have had at least 1 year of prior dance training. Every week, students will be taught different choreographed steps, rhythms, and freestyle movements from Broadway and/or popular music videos. In addition to improving the student’s dance skills, the building of his or her performing skills will also be a focus.


Class: Jazz III (Teens, 13-17)

Focus: Advanced Turns, Jumps & Progressions
Teenage dance students who have had at least 2 years of prior dance training can now kick their moves up a notch with Jazz III. Like in Jazz II, every week students will learn to dance different choreographed routines that embody the many styles of jazz dance as seen on Broadway and/or popular music videos. However in Jazz III, students will focus on working on mastering advanced turns, jumps and progressions while adding their own individual style and personality to make every step unique, expressive, and fun.


Dance Gym Class: Adult Jazz & Jazz Funk! (Adults, Ages 18 & up)

Focus: Jazz For Freedom, Expression & Energy
Hearing the buzz about DanceLova’s Dance Gym? See Adult Dance Classes


Our Next Jazz Dance Class: How To Register


Why simply sit on the couch every evening to watch other people have fun and look fabulous dancing jazz on TV dance shows? You or your kid could be feeling like a million bucks experiencing the same energy on our dance floor with other passionate jazz dance students.

A class has already been put together for you, so you can quickly start living it — not just secretly watch others with envy. Go to our class schedule page, see the instructions provided there, and get to our next class on time to jazzed-up!