DanceLova: Dance Academy Student Dress Code Guide

In the dance world, technique, art, skill, confidence, practice and passion all play a vital part in the development of a fine dancer. Of equal importance is the etiquette and appearance of the student. So dress for dance success starting from Day 1:

Children & Teens: Quick Uniform Guide
Parents & MePonytailWhite T-ShirtBlackBare Feet
Pre-DanceBunPink LeotardTheatrical PinkPink Ballet
BalletBunDanceLova Royal BlueTheatrical PinkPink Ballet
Chinese Heritage DanceBunDanceLova Royal BlueBlack Capri Or LeggingPink Ballet
TapPonytailDanceLova Royal BlueBlack Capri Or LeggingTap
JazzPonytailDanceLova Royal BlueBlack JazzBlack Jazz
Hip HopPonytailWhite T-ShirtBlackJazz (Or CLEAN Sneakers)
Adults: Quick Uniform Guide
Fitness BalletBunBlack LeotardBlackPink Ballet
BalletBunBlack LeotardTheatrical PinkBlack WrapPink Ballet
Chinese Heritage DanceBunBlack LeotardBlackPink Ballet
TapPonytailBlack T-ShirtBlackTap
JazzPonytailBlack T-ShirtBlackJazz
Hip HopPonytailWhite T-ShirtBlackJazz (Or CLEAN Sneakers)
Uniform Requirements For Class:

DanceLova Dance Academy students should come to class prepared to dance in appropriate dance uniform for class. Students will not be allowed to enter the class without wearing the proper uniform. A dress code not only ensures that the teacher will be able to see a dance student’s alignment and positioning, but also teaches students discipline and helps with overall focus and energy.

Where To Get The Uniform Items:

The dance uniform items can be purchased at most local dancewear stores separately.

For your convenience, the complete uniform set can be ordered at a discounted price on the same day you first register for a DanceLova class at the academy, or directly via our dancewear store online with your DanceLova student discount code.