Trena Langan

Trena Langan joined the DanceLova Dance Academy faculty in July 2016. The disciplined gymnast and mother of 2 is kickin’ the behinds of her dance students to further their development of their dance core through Tumbling. Her professional coaching method is helping to expand the young Jazz dancers’ skill set to include gymnastic strength and movement.

Trena was born and raised in Orange County, CA. At the young age of 3, Trena started training in gymnastics. By the age of just 10, she had already become an elite gymnast. She competed in gymnastics through her high school years and first year in college year. At Cal State University, Fullerton in addition to gymnastics, Trena also joined their competitive dance team.

Today, she coaches gymnastics at a competitive level and has been working with kids of all ages since she was 15 years old. She specializes in Tumbling, strengthening, and technique.

Trena coaches Jazz dancers in Tumbling at DanceLova Dance Academy, Irvine. She is a proud mother of two, both coached in gymnastics by her, of course.

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