Tamany Hall

Tamany Hall joined the DanceLova Dance Academy administration team in February 2013. A math whiz and mentor at heart, the also member of Common Ground Dance Team brings her invaluable combination of passions and skills to our studio administration team.

“Tam” leads the charge on realizing DanceLova’s larger vision of providing the ultimate dance education environment, involving students in family-friendly activities while delivering to customers the highest quality service in town.

She moved to Southern California in 2010 to pursue her dream of becoming a math teacher at University of California, Irvine. Little did she know that along with a great school, she would now be in the middle of such an amazing dance community.

Tamany began stepping at her church when she was 12 years old and slowly but surely began to increase her exposure to the dance world. Her love for the art of dance grew deep and she got involved with her church’s dance ministry and high school’s competitive dance team where she trained in Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical and Hip Hop. She was involved with her school’s team for four years where she had the honor of going to USA Dance Camp, performing at competitions such as Co-Dance and Jump, and took classes from multiple amazing choreographers. Tamany was captain of her award-winning team for her senior year and loved every second of it.

After moving to Irvine, Tamany trained in Hip Hop on her own, taking advantage of all of the resources offered around campus. Throughout her journey, she has had the honor of learning from choreographers such as Twitch, D-Trix, Lauren Froderman, Lando Wilkins, Chris Jones and Jonah Aki. In October of 2012, she made the Common Ground Dance Team, a collegiate Hip Hop team that practices in Irvine, CA.

One of Tamany’s favorite quotes:
“Practice as if you were the worst, play as if you were the best.” -Anonymous

Tamany keeps herself busy with her administrative duties at DanceLova Dance Academy, Common Ground Dance Team practice, and studies at the university. But most of all, she enjoys sharing her love and knowledge with others.