Stephanie Lin

Stephanie Lin joined the DanceLova Dance Academy faculty in February 2013. While a dancer with Irvine Valley College Dance Ensemble, Stephanie also makes time in her schedule to teach young children the joy of dance. In January 2015, she became the academy’s Early Childhood Dance Program (ECDP) Manager — a new role she’s stepped up to, aiming to expand and refine the fast-growing dance program for DanceLova’s youngest students.

Stephanie took her very first dance class when she was 4 years old and immediately fell in love with movement. She trained under the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus for 11 years, passing numerous curriculum exams. She trained as an apprentice with various local companies in the San Francisco Bay Area before moving down to Long Beach to attend CSULB as a dance major. In 2010, she moved to Irvine and received her Associate of Arts degree from Irvine Valley College. Her main focus is in Ballet and Modern, but she has also had ample training in Jazz and Hip Hop, tumbling, choreography and partnering as well.

Over the years, Stephanie’s had the opportunity to travel and perform with IVC’s Performing Dance Ensemble in Boston, Utah, Arkansas, Minnesota, and Paris. She’s had the privilege of working closely with notable choreographers such as Marie de la Palme, Jenny Backhaus, and Sarah Swenson. Currently, Stephanie is dancing with Emergent Dance Company in Huntington Beach and teaching throughout Orange County.

She is excited to share all that she’s learned over the years and pass on her passion of dance to her Pre-Dance, Ballet, and Pre-Hip Hop students at DanceLova.

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