Shaina Seidenberg

Shaina Seidenberg joined the DanceLova Dance Academy faculty in February 2015. The Boogiezone, CADC team member and current member of Entity Contemporary Dance Company is not simply a multifaceted dance teacher, but also a multi-language speaker — she speaks some Mandarin Chinese.

Shaina Seidenberg fell in love with dance when Monie Adamson and Darick Parish opened Focus Dance Center. It was there that her growth and passion for dance were fostered and supported.

Shaina studied Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Lyrical, and Hip Hop under exceptional teachers, and participated in several dance competitions around the Southland. During her senior year, she was awarded several scholarships and the “Senior Dancer of the Year.”

After being admitted into the prestigious UC Irvine Claire Trevor School of the Arts, she began rigorous training in the concert dance world. She participated in Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Laban, and choreography classes weekly, and was able to choreograph for and perform in several dance concerts choreographed by her peers and faculty. On top of her experiences in the dance department, Shaina expanded her horizons by becoming heavily involved in the rich Hip Hop community that lives at UC Irvine. She was a member of the professional Hip Hop company, Boogiezone Breed, and the top competitive Hip Hop team, CADC. She finished off college by choreographing her own senior thesis dance concert, titled “Freedom in the Ambiguity” which pushed her to new bounds as a dancer, teacher, choreographer, and leader.

Since earning her degree, Shaina has been teaching and choreographing all around Southern California. Shaina has a deep and life-long passion for dance, choreography, and teaching, and has a sincere interest in sharing it with her students, and facilitating their growth as artists, performers, and human beings.

Today, Shaina is both a current member of Entity Contemporary Dance Company, directed by Will Johnston and Marissa Osato, and a teacher of Jazz classes for kids at DanceLova’s Irvine location.

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