Mario Con

Mario Con is the Executive Director and Facilitator at DanceLova Dance Academy, Irvine and co-founder of AE Brands Group, Inc. Mario comes from a background of marketing in the Hollywood entertainment industry.

When not attending to the needs and daily operations of the dance academy, Mario is enveloped in the world of celebrities at Penske Media where he steers digital marketing efforts for the growing media network which includes Hollywood Life, Variety, TVLine, Movieline, PMC Studios, Deadline Hollywood, ENTV and more.

Prior to Penske, Mario spent more than a year helping TMZ to successfully develop its Hollywood-infatuated audience.

While global entertainment marketing and local fine arts education keep him the busiest today, Mario also serves as the Managing Editor at Zans Media, a digital marketing news publishing website he co-founded.

Mario’s immediate mission is to build AEBG’s brands to be recognized as a high-quality dance education provider by the local community as well as a leader in retail dancewear worldwide online.