Lynn Liu

Lynn Liu joined the DanceLova Dance Academy administration team in November 2013. A self-confessed history and philosophy buff, this “people-person” has always been driven by her desire to contribute to society and human welfare. As a studio administration team member, now Lynn is honing her skills to serve and benefit the rapid-growing community of students and parents that is found within the DanceLova dance school.

Born and raised in Southern California Lynn was exposed to diversity, culture and passion. Each individual she has met is embodied into aspects of her life that she cherishes, and because of their stories she realized that she should have a story of her own. She’s never been one who could write out her feelings. Luckily, Lynn finally found her expression through dance when she was eight years old. She trained in Ballet and Chinese dance for eight years.

Although she is no longer training or pursuing a career in dance, that passion has yet to fade. She still finds herself going on pointe as she walks through the streets. The art of dance has taught her to value individuality and the uniqueness of every individual. Through this she decided to major in Social Policy and Public Service.

Today, Lynn works closely with the dance students of DanceLova, sharing passion and smiles with them, while introducing new aspiring ones to this wonderful art everyday. She is a part of the studio administration team in Irvine. Lynn aspires to become a PR or something in the realm of communications.