Lara Acedillo

Lara Acedillo joined the DanceLova Dance Academy faculty in February 2014. The multi-medal-winning gymnast is in charge of pushing dance students up to the next level in dance with her unique tumbling instruction experience.

Lara was born and raised in the Bay Area just south of San Francisco. She began tumbling and rolling around the floor and grass at a young age when her mother finally decided to put it all somewhere more formal. At the age of 3 she began taking recreational classes, when the head coaches recognized her talent and love of the sport.

By the age of 5, Lara entered her first competition and continued for 8 more years, competing around California. She shined on the parallel bars as where her various medals came from but always had a love for the fun and crazy tumbling aspect of the floor. When her competitive season ended, she found a new knack and love for teaching.

For the following 4 years she became a coach at a gymnastics gym in her home town, helping her children grow in skill, power, and confidence. Lara’s love of children and passion for teaching drives her to continue instructing and pushing the kids to be the best they can be.

Lara moved to Southern California in 2011 to attend Chapman University where she studies Athletic Training. Through this she has gained a greater understanding and knowledge of body mechanics and injury which she has implemented into both the safety of the kids as well as into the greatest progression of their skills and awareness of their body.

Lara Acedillo is spearheading the Tumbling initiative at DanceLova’s Irvine location.

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