Kaysha Kenney

Kaysha Kenney joined the DanceLova Dance Academy administration team in February 2014. An educator and leader by nature, she brings to team the well-balanced blend of educational mindset and customer service skill sets that is demanded by the dance school’s administration team as it expands into new areas.

Kaysha is a born and raised Southern California girl. She currently attends California State University-Fullerton. While she is undeclared right now, she knows that she wants to further her education as a teacher. Kaysha has always been great with kids and nurtures that passion while working at DanceLova Dance Academy.

Once Kaysha discovered she was a natural born leader, she wanted to further her experience working with people and children by working at dance studios. She has previously worked at Hollywood Dance and now brings her experience in studio administration to DanceLova Dance Academy’s operations. Kaysha knew that on her journey to becoming a teacher, being surrounded by people would only help her grow. Here at DanceLova, she knows that it will continue her journey and challenge her to be the best person she could be.