Josie Barron

Josie Barron joined the DanceLova Dance Academy administration team in September 2015. She is a people person by day, and a dog lover by night. Josie comes to Irvine’s staff with a background in hospitality under her belt. Her experience with serving customers and paying attention to their diverse needs fits well into the organization’s focus on the persistence in delivery of exceptional service to all its dance students and dance parents.

Josie was born and raised in Southern California. She is currently working part-time while also pursuing her academic goals. A talented storyteller and communicator by nature, she aspires to make Journalism/English her career.

When she’s not tackling her busy days, Josie finds time to appreciate culture and beauty, visiting art galleries and of course snapping up some of her own cool photography. She also considers herself an ice cream connoisseur and a dog-lover.

Josie Barron is a member of the studio administration team at DanceLova, Irvine.