Irene Ashu

Irene Ashu: “Challenge yourself, and don’t limit yourself.” The award-winning dancer and poster model for Celebrity Dance Competition joined the DanceLova Dance Academy, Irvine faculty in February 2013. She is teaching and molding a new generation of Hip Hop dancers.

She’s a firecracker — with an explosive Hip Hop style and full-out choreography. Irene’s style is anything she wants it to be. Her style and energy is an accurate representation of her personality — always keeping you guessing. Having trained in various styles including Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary, and Ballet with various choreographers, the versatile dance teacher is adaptable to almost any setting and age group. With Irene’s high-intensity style and cutting edge choreography you will always be on your toes.

Irene has traveled the throughout the US and Germany dancing and assisting many choreographers. Irene has won various and awards, titles, and honors from multiple organizations such as: Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio, Millennium Dance Complex, JUMP Dance Convention, The Pulse, Monsters Of Hip Hop, Improv, Shock Dance Intensive, West Coast Dance Explosion, Hollywood Vibe, Co. Dance — and the list goes on. Irene is currently the poster model and spokes girl for Celebrity Dance Competition as well.

Her devotion to dance also keeps her busy at University of California, Irvine (UCI), where she rocks the house there. She’s also a member of Le Noir, a Southern California-based all-female Hip Hop team, and GRV, an urban Hip Hop team in Walnut, CA. In regards to specific styles of choreography, Irene enjoys those of Marty Kudelka, Erica Sobol, Tricia Miranda, Chris Thomas, Bam Martin, Jaquel Knight, Tony Czar, Laura Edwards, Candace Brown, and Nappytabs the most.

The ever-growing passion she has for training others and passing on her knowledge of dance are undoubtedly important aspects in her life. So if you’re looking for Hip Hop dance education that will push, mold, and shape you as a dancer, hop into a DanceLova studio room and join Irene Ashu for an hour of Hip Hop learning — conveniently right here in Irvine.

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