Heidi Bilbro

Heidi Bilbro joined DanceLova in May 2013. A sociologist and Ballet dancer, she has an intimate understanding of children’s needs — and particularly in a dance academy environment. Her love for dance has brought her to DanceLova where she will be adding even more value to the studio administration team’s operations.

Heidi grew up in Northern California in a small town called Cloverdale. Since a young age, dance has been a part of her life. She began taking Ballet at the age of 3, and it quickly became her favorite. Heidi danced in spring recitals, competitions, and dance conventions through all her high school years — and once she got her pointe shoes she was constantly practicing.

At age 17, Heidi began dancing as well as instructing at Cloverdale School of Dance and absolutely loved teaching classes for 3 and 4 year-olds. In college, Heidi continued dancing while pursuing her other passions. She earned her Bachelors of Arts degree in sociology with a minor in criminology at Humboldt State University.

Today, Heidi complements the DanceLova family with her role in academy administration, where she remains close to the art of Ballet — something which she’s always loved so dearly.

When she’s not at the dance academy sharing her love of dance with young dance students, Heidi enjoys practicing hot yoga, running and hiking with her dog, and spending time with her sister and nephew near the Colorado Rockies.