Hailey Lowell

Hailey Lowell joined the DanceLova Dance Academy faculty in October 2014. The highly-competitive dancer is focused on helping serious dance students step their game up for competition victories. She’s constantly utilizing fresh methods to leverage her strengths in dance and teaching passion to guide the emergence of natural talent within the young students at the academy.

Hailey Lowell’s love for dance started when she was about 7 years old. She started at her local dance studio near her home. From there, Hailey began training 6 days a week to dance for competition and to be the best she could. Striving toward her goal, her life revolved around dance competitions and winning many awards throughout the seasons. Even through her high school years Hailey continued to compete at her studio while leading as Captain of her high school dance team.

Miss Lowell has traveled throughout California as well as New York and Florida competing and winning awards. She also enjoys assisting at dance conventions such as Brentwood’s Coastal Dance Rage.

Today, she continues to be active within the dance community as much as she can all while juggling her academic studies. Hailey Lowell instructs Lyrical and Jazz dance classes at DanceLova.

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