Casey Masurat

Casey Masurat joined the DanceLova Dance Academy faculty in April 2013. The North Carolina dancer has stepped up to the plate and is focused on adding even more fuel to our academy’s Jazz and Ballet fire. Casey’s constantly finding new ways to utilize her strengths in dance, patience, and passion to bring out the natural talent in young aspiring dancers. She is also an active member of GRV.

Casey, a native of Charlotte, North Carolina began her dancing career at Steps N Motion in 1999. She began by taking Hip Hop classes under the direction of Brenna Lang for 5 years before she began to train in Jazz, Ballet, Lyrical and Contemporary.

She realized her passion for dance in 2007 after she attended Monsters of Hip Hop for the first time. Casey was also awarded a scholarship at JUMP where she further developed her Jazz and Contemporary strengths. While dancing competitively, she traveled throughout the country. After graduating she attended the University of North Carolina at Greensboro where she trained heavily in Ballet.

It was just a matter of time before her passion for dance would further lead her to the West Coast. Today, she resides in Southern California where she is active in the dance community, and teaches Pre-Dance/Ballet and Jazz at DanceLova.

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