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Irvine Chinese Dance

Joffrey Ballet School
Joffrey Ballet’s Alice Alyse Says…

Ivy does amazing dance, and she teaches it so well. It’s really beautiful to watch. We had asked her, and she came into Joffrey West and taught dancers who had never learned Chinese dance, choreographed a piece and was very well-received in the performance.

Artistic Director
Joffrey Ballet School
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Karen L. Says…
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My 5 year old daughter absolutely loves her ballet classes here… After only a few months here my daughter has learned to focus, be disciplined in class, pay attention to details, and has become more flexible and strong. She loves going to class and if she had her way we would be going to class daily and taking all the different types of dance classes they offer…

Z.W. Says…
DanceLova Yelp Rating
I asked my daughter which studio she likes the most after these 2 years dance experience, she said of course Teacher Ivy, because she learned a lot here with fun. I see my daughter is doing all kinds of movements at home by herself which never really happened before.

Becky H. Says…
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I’ll have to say, this place is probably the best dancing studio in Irvine… Also, it’s easy to find parking in front of the studio, I can do some grocery shopping while waiting =) I’m glad that I found this studio in Irvine!

Jean C. Says…
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Only had 2 classes here but love it… There’s nothing intimidating about this studio or the staff. They’re so friendly, and unlike my old ballet teacher, Miss Ivy corrects problems and explains in detail… the instructions are good, detailed, easy to understand, and this is the first time in my life that I had real fun, even a laugh, in a ballet class…. And it’s like 5 min from my house. LOVE!

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Orange County, CA
Dance Classes For Irvine Kids

Rita C. Says…
Great place for kids to learn how to dance.


Orange County, CA
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Sara Guerrero Says…
Love the dance instructor and staff!

Kate Hare Says…
My daughter loved her first class!! The staff is sooo very nice!
Great experience!

Misty B. Says…
Very nice facilities! Irene is very patient with the kids. My son had a blast and woke up this morning if today was hip hop class.

Caroline Le Says…
Stephanie was awesome in getting us in and very very nice. There’s screen in the waiting room broadcasting your kid’s session…great idea!

Eilly Yang Says…
Loved it!!

Jan Mulligan Says…
Wonderful! My daughter loves it!!!

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