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Top 5 Hip Hop Dance Songs

I will always listen to new songs through a dancers’ ears — after all I am a dancer-at-heart. That said, I’m constantly thinking, “Will this make a good piece?” or “I would LOVE to dance to this!” Hence, here is my secret list of five songs that I’ve always wanted to choreograph to, but have not had the chance to...
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Irvine Global Village Festival 2012: The Details

Why travel around the world this Fall season when the world will be celebrating in your own backyard? The City of Irvine will be hosting its 11th Irvine Global Village Festival at Bill Barber Memorial Park in Irvine. It was voted “Best Festival” by OC Weekly in 2009 and is the City’s largest and most attended community event — but...
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The Top 7 “Less-Known” Benefits Of Ballet

When you think of ballet, you probably picture in your mind a thin, graceful and beautiful ballerina freely prancing on a dance floor leaving every person that sees her in complete awe. Accurate? Well, if that’s what you pictured, you’re exactly right. But what’s their secret? Aside from the grace, elegance and beauty of this dance form, ballet is really...
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The Dance Academy Opening Red Carpet 2012

[VIDEO] The long-forgotten back alley of Orange Tree Square in the quiet town of Irvine was officially brought back to life yesterday — and with some tinsel and twinkle. Young mom of two and Woodbury resident Samantha Heaton shared, “I knew that something was about to change here… I could see that work was being done every time I drove...
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An American Rendition of a Song Dynasty Poem

[VIDEO] July 27th’s spectacular performance at VPAC officially marked the grand opening of Joffrey West, the new dance program by Joffrey Ballet School. But if you’re thinking this was your typical beautiful dance recital on a Friday night — think again. Brilliantly organized by Joffrey West’s very own Artistic Director Alice Alyse, the event kicked off with a glamorous Hollywood...
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ICN TV Interviews Ivy Chen

[VIDEO] Take a famous ballet school from New York City, throw it right into the capital of entertainment of the world and what do you get? The result is a red carpet full of big-name dance choreographers and Hollywood celebrities, of course. From SYTYCD choreographer Mia Michaels to Modern Family star Sofia Vergara, to even Spanish artist Domingo Zapata, Joffrey...
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JOFFREY: DanceLova’s Ivy Chen Choreographs

[VIDEO] So what happens when you take two cultures and fuse them together on a dance floor? That’s exactly what DanceLova creator Ivy Chen sought to discover. When New York City-based Joffrey Ballet School invited Chen to teach a group of eager-to-learn dance students the art of Chinese Dance as part of Joffrey West’s summer dance training intensive, it was...
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Official DanceLova Launch Invitation

DanceLova’s dance academy will officially be opening its royal blue doors to the residents of Irvine, CA and surrounding cities on August 4, 2012. The announcement of the launch of the new Irvine dance studios was recently made less than 48 hours ago. More than 65 guests have confirmed their attendance and the list is growing. The red carpet event...
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