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2017: Summer Camp Registration Information

2017 Summer Camp Week in Irvine IRVINE, CA – We’ve had a lot of parents already begin asking us weeks ago about registration information about 2017’s Summer Camp at DanceLova. Here’s the information you need… Overview of The Dance Camps Each participating dance student will be placed into different classes based on their individual...
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“Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!”
To 3 Spectacular Shows

The dancers were all amazing on stage! The Academy would just like to take a moment of your day to say, Thank You. Although it is felt every day throughout the year, the love, care, support, and unity as a “dance family” is most seen and felt at the annual recital events. It brings everyone involved so much true joy to...
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‘America’s Got Talent’: 2015 Audition Info

You may be a star dance student, but do you have what it takes to be a TV star and winner of America’s Got Talent? Yup, it’s that time again — auditions for Season 10 are just a month away — and in the LA area. Here’s the scoop…   They’re casting now — spread the word. The casting producer...
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LA Fitness Recommends DanceLova Classes?

Because we’re so busy teaching dance classes all day in here, sometimes things go on in the world beyond our premise’s walls which we aren’t made aware of — that is, until students and friends make us aware of them. We should definitely get out more often. They mean our Dance Gym™ classes, we guess So when we recently first...
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Angel Ginn’s Video: Jazz Kids Montage

Hard work spotlights the character of individuals: some turn up their sleeves, some turn up their noses and some don’t turn up at all. It’s a fact that success in dance is the direct result of a marriage of hard work from both the student and their dance teachers. We’ll here borrow the words of legendary modern dance choreographer Martha...
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Trivia: The Real Meaning Behind ‘Lova’?

With more & more OC locals becoming DanceLova students every day, a new trend that our faculty and staff members are seeing in questions asked is often now: “So, what is the meaning behind the name, DanceLova?” Although there will always be plenty of new students who will very confidently offer the answer, “It’s just a play on the phrase,...
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Kids’ Summer Camps: August 2013 Registration

Looking for updated 2014’s summer information? 2013: August Summer Camp Last call to OC parents! So you have not registered your kids for a summer camp yet — well, no worries… you’re not alone. But time is definitely now running out to sign your child up for a fabulous 2013 August camp, so please hurry. Irvine Summer Camp Details: Availability:...
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The Prototypes: Dance Crew Public Audition

The Audition For the first time in The Prototypes existence they are having their first Public Audition! Come try out and become a part of this growing robot family! Workshop & Audition: FREE   The Audition Details: Date: Wednesday, May 8, 2013 [ View the Official Flyer ] Registration: 6:30PM Learn the Piece: 7:30PM – 8:30PM Audition: 9:00PM – 11:30PM...
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